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We offer expert gas fire repairs throughout Dumfries & Galloway for all makes and models.

All our staff will always be delighted to assist with whatever enquiry you may have.

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A gas fire is a fantastic, traditional way to keep your home warm, also giving your home a delightfully cosy atmosphere. In the event of a breakdown, Gas2Heat are here to get you back up and running ASAP.

Our expert Gas & Heating Engineers are fully qualified and experienced in repairing a wide range of gas fires. They’re able to identify the problem and sort it out quickly. In the unlikely event that your repair requires a rare part, they’ll arrange to come back and fit it as soon as possible.

Gas Fire Repairs

In the event that find yourself with a broken down gas fire, our expert gas fire engineers are here to help. We’re fully qualified to deal with any issues and get your gas fire back up and running ASAP.

Gas Fire Servicing

Of course you’re better off preventing a breakdown in the first place which is why it’s imperative to have your gas fire serviced annually, even if you don’t use it very frequently.

As a poorly maintained gas fire can be lethal, it’s really important to make sure your gas fire is regularly serviced to prevent a potential tragedy.

What’s does gas fire servicing involve?

  • Ensuring that the gas fire has been correctly installed
  • Thoroughly inspecting the flue and clearing any blockages or debris build-up
  • Ensuring that the gas fire is operating at peak efficiency
  • Inspecting all installed safety devices and detectors, ensuring they’re all working properly
  • Making sure there’s sufficient ventilation and that there’s no build-up of harmful gases

LPG Gas Fires

In many ways, LPG gas fireplaces are similar to traditional gas fireplaces. The key difference is LPG gas fireplaces use pressurised gas stored on the property, whereas standard gas fireplaces connect to the gas network.

If you’re unable to connect your home to the natural gas network, LPG is a fantastic alternative.

LPG Gas Fire Servicing

Whenever you have a gas appliance in your home, It’s incredibly important to ensure that it’s regularly serviced and maintained.

Regardless of whether you’ve got a traditional mains-connected gas fire, or you’ve opted for an LPG fire, we’ve got you covered. Our expert gas engineers stand ready to assist you, whatever type of gas fire you have.

Call us today to book your gas fire service or repair.