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Noticing your energy bills skyrocketing? It may not just be rising energy prices.

Power Flushing

Even the most modern efficient Central Heating System requires maintenance from time to time. Dirt and other debris build-up over time and can damage and eventually completely ruin your entire heating system.

Contaminated water leads to a loss of radiator heat, increased system noise, poor circulation and potentially system failures. This means higher energy bills and an increased risk of a full breakdown.

Power Flushing (also known as Power Cleansing) is the most effective way of cleaning out a dirty system, restoring it to full capacity and preventing a full breakdown. It’s also one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bills.

Our specialist Gas & Heating Engineers are experts in Power Flushing Central Heating System in order to improve efficiency and save you money.

Power flushing can only go so far though. If you have a real blockage, we’ll need to cut that out manually.

Magnetic System Filters

Magnetic System Filters are fitted to the boiler and they are specifically designed to combat the damaging effects of  dirt, debris and other damaging pollutants by catching it all before it reaches the boiler.

Modern boilers generally all include a magnetic system filter but if you’re still rocking an older model, you can opt to have a filter fitted.